JOANNA BOROWIEC, a graduate of the European Academy of Photography in Warsaw, diploma thesis in the Creative and Expressive. Photography Workshop Dr Izabela Jaroszewska.
Member of the Association of Polish Art. Photographers (ZPAF).
Swimfan analogue photography, passionate about philosophy east.

2009 – European Academy of Photography, Warsaw
2008 – Workshop with Michael Ackerman, Warsaw



2016      Finalist Skin, Visible White Photo Prize 2016, Italy
2016      Finalist, AFF Art Fresh Festival,Warsaw, Poland
2016      Finalist, 4th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography, Berlin 2016, Germany
2015      Finalist, The 8th Edition Of The Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, UK
2015      Winner of the National Photography Competition „Life is Beautiful”, Cultural Center KCK, Kielce, Poland
2014      Honorable Mention(2x), International Photography Awards (IPA), USA
2014      Winner, 4 th Singapore International Photography Festival, Singapore
2014      Silver Medal Awards ” Double”, San Francisco International, Gallery Photographica, California, USA
2013      I place, Black And White Spider Awards ,”Carefree Childhood”, USA
2013      III place Photographer of the Year, Black And White Awards, USA
2013      Portfolio 2013, Black&White Magazine, USA
2013      Portfolio 2012, SHOTS Magazine, USA
2012      II place, „Historic Garden”, Wilanów Palace Museum, Warsaw, Poland
2012      III place, International Biennial of Art Photography Child, Poznań, Poland
2011      II place, „Frends”, International Photography Awards (IPA), USA
2011      III place, „Insomnia”, International Photography Awards (IPA), USA
2011      Special Awards, Open Championship Photographic Olsztyn „Michael”, Poland
2011      Participation in the Album-International Photography Awards, USA
2010     Honorable Mention(5x), International Photography Awards(IPA), USA


2015       Gallery Przechodnia,”A Forgotten Land”, Warsaw, Poland
2015       Downtown Cultural Arts Center, „Out of Time”, Warsaw, Poland
2014       Kazimierski Cultural Center,”Glass Faces”, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland
2014       Gallery Pryzmat, „Glass Faces”, SZDK Szprotawa, Poland
2014       Gallery Strych na Wróble,”Glass Faces”, Warszawa, Poland
2013       Gallery Stara Praga, „Separateness”, Warszawa, Poland
2011       Firlej Cultural Center,” Dremas Unfinished”, Wrocław, Poland
2010       Gallery Schody,”Dreams Unfinished”, Warszawa, Poland
2008       Migawka Place Artistic Activities& Pub,”Silence”, Warszawa, Poland


2016       „Double”, FSM Gallery, Florence, Italy
2015       „Glass Faces”, National Museum of Singapore Stamford Gallery, Singapore
2015       Blank Wall Gallery,” Anna”, Athens, Greece
2014       Downtown Cultural Arts Center, ArtPark, ” Dreams Unfinished”, Warsaw, Poland
2012       Gallery Bezdomna, „My Family”, Palace of Culture and Science, Warszawa, Poland
2011       International Bienniale of Artistic Photography,”Child”, House Andalucia, Spain
2011       VII National Biennial of Photography, Gallery Tyle Światów,”My father painted pictures”, Oświęcim, Poland
2010       International Pinhole Fetival, Museum Iserlohn, Germany
2010       Exhibition in the XV National Portrait Photography Contests, Trzcianecki Dom Kultury, Trzcianka, Poland
2010       Municipal House of Culture, „Child”, Koło, Poland
2010       International Biennial of Photography Art-Gallery WBPiCAK, Poznań, Poland
2010       Month of Photography in Krakow,”Symbiosis” Slide Night, Kraków, Poland