A series of portraits “yesterday and today.”
I wanted to capture the shift in time and changes which become apparent in man after several, more than a dozen and several dozens of years. These changes are not limited to appearance as they refer to the personality and life of each man. Lines symbolise the cleavage between the past and the present.
The skin is our corporeal shell between what is in our spiritual and material.
This body is seen as the human body is subject to biological processes
and also as a social phenomenon.
It is also an intimate sentimental journey where one stops to focus on what really matters in life.The tear has a spiritual dimension, too (..)
It was not my intention to seamlessly fit all parts of the face; various flaws are intentional; they make a metaphorical reference to human imperfections, transience and impermanence.
How works were created:
Each photograph was crafted by hand.To assure higher quality and resolution, the photograph of the “past” retaken and later I made its print.
Two photographs were torn; elements were put together and attached to paper.

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